Sneaky Sodium

Okay, so I may have found an apartment. I know I’ve said this before, but that one fell through. So I’m not going to get too excited this time. It’s a nice bachelor apartment with a river view, backyard and a cute beagle next door. Most importantly, it’s in my price range. I don’t want to jinx anything though, so I won’t say much else!

Today was the last day of my “holiday weekend.” I started it the way every morning should begin, with a near empty jar of nut butter.


Plus a pot of chocolate protein oatbran. 


Combined, they are a force to be reckoned with.


I need to start going through nut butter faster so this can happen more often. It was beyond dreamy. 

I had a whack of errands to run after the holiday yesterday. Fuelled up with my last Quaker simple harvest bar I won in the Fitnessista’s Quaker giveaway.


These were really good! However, like most of these type of granola bars, there isn’t much too them. There are too many other things out there for 150 calories that are more filling (and nutritious). 

The highlight of my morning was getting free suckers when I paid my cell phone bill. I love candy!! Especially when it’s free :)

Came home for a yummy lunch.


Pita pizza with Eden Organic pizza sauce, Yves meatless pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, spinach and shredded cheese.

I kept up the pita theme into the afternoon by snacking on some Mother Nature’s pita chips with tzatziki and hummus.

100_5640 100_5639

It was delish, but too salty for me! I was thirsty for the rest of the afternoon!

I went to spin class before dinner. It was alright. It wasn’t as intense as I usually like it, which I guess is a good thing since I’m tapering. But I was having tummy issues during the class, so I couldn’t really push it. It was still an hour of sweaty activity though, so I guess that’s good enough. Think I may do a pilates video tomorrow for more light activity. I’m noticing my body gets really stiff and sore when I don’t get some movement in during the day.

Had an appointment to look at another apartment at 7pm, so I had a quick supper in-between.


Grilled ham & cheese sandwich and pea soup


I don’t eat a lot of soup because I prefer my food solid. I bought this stuff on a whim because of a convincing sample lady at the grocery store.

100_5641 100_5643 100_5645

I was pleasantly surprised! It was thick and quite satisfying. The sodium content is pretty decent for a product like this too. Usually I don’t go over 400-500mg, but considering the price and brand, it’s acceptable. Didn’t taste overly salty either.

My evening snack was notable enough for me to share :)


Yogurt, fresh blueberries (every season needs to be berry season!!) and some Nature’s Path blueberry cinnamon cereal. I love this cereal as much as the banana kind! The flakes and fibre pieces are super crunchy, and it’s got little freeze-dried blueberries that surprisingly add a lot of flavour. I’m becoming a big fan of Nature’s Path products. Their cereals and waffles are now my favourites :)

Question: Do you pay attention to sodium content? Besides making me incredibly thirsty, sodium doesn’t affect me that much. But I do try to go with low-sodium foods when I can. I find it’s too easy for it to creep up in my diet, especially when I eat a lot of deli/canned meat, cheese and bread.

I just got to watch fireworks from my bedroom window, it was pretty fun :)

Looking at my breakfast pictures, I realize it was red and white – Canada’s colours for Canada Day!

An oatmeal and yogurt parfait.

  • 1/2 cup quick oats
  • 1 cup water
  • cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp soy protein powder
  • strawberries
  • yogurt w/ stevia and vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup Fibre 1 (aka fibre worms)
  • 1/2 tbsp ground flaxseed

I didn’t have a very exciting day. Did some housework, worked on the new blog (getting excited for the big switch!!), did the whole “rest day” thing, and showed my patriotism by watching Canada’s Next Top Model. Which, bytheway, kicks ANTM’s butt. Somehow, the Canadian version is always more drama filled (might be the younger drinking age) aaaand it’s got less Tyra and more Mr. Jay.

Moving on, lunch was the last of my falafel. I kind of miss it already.

It had all the usual suspects, including lots of PC tzatziki. 

Chris and I had our first barbecue feast of the summer today. While I had a veggie burger, Chris had half a cow.

Luckily, we got it at Sobeys and not the usual Superstore. President’s Choice is recalling a lot of their beef products because of E Coli. Canadians, check here in case you have some in your freezer!

We also picked up some yummy potato wedges.

Fun fact about Cavendish Farms in PEI: they are becoming the first potato facility in North America to fuel their processing plant with bio-gas. They’re taking the solid waste from their potatoes and turning it into usable energy. Hopefully they’re setting the standard for similar facilities out there :)

My plate:

I used a Sol veggie burger with some Arctic Garden’s romanesco mix. I was seriously impressed by the frozen veggies. They weren’t mushy in the slightest and could’ve fooled me as being fresh!

Chris’ hunk of cow:


I tried a bite of the steak! I didn’t really care for it though. The taste and texture were kind of bland, very much like the steak I remember eating as a kid. I don’t think it’s the cut or method of cooking either, I just don’t think I’m a steak person.

Now time for some more fun facts!! The New York Times had an article this week on the 11 Health Myths That May Surprise You. Some of these myths actually did surprise me!!

You lose most of your body heat through your head. There is nothing special about the head and heat loss. You will lose heat through any uncovered body part.

Cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis. Knuckle-crackers are no more likely to have arthritis than those who don’t make annoying popping sounds with their fingers.

Sugar makes kids hyper. Numerous studies show sugar doesn’t affect behavior, but most parents don’t believe this. In one study, parents were told their kids had sugar and they were more likely to report problem behavior — but in reality, the kids had consumed a sugar-free drink.

It’s okay to double dip in the chip dip. In one study, scientists took a bite of cracker and then dipped it into salsa, cheese dip, chocolate syrup and water. They did the same test with a fresh, unbitten cracker. Then they measured bacteria in the dips and the volunteers’ mouths. On average, three to six double dips transferred about 10,000 bacteria from the eater’s mouth to the dip. And each cracker picked up between one and two grams of dip. Salsa picked up the most germs from double dipping.

I tell Chris all the time that cracking his knuckles is going to give him arthritis. Oops! Anyone else got any food or health myths?

Happy Canada Day!!! Hope all you Canadians have fun things planned for the day! Chris and I are having a bbq, first one of the year!

I had a pretty good day yesterday, consisting of a successful brick workout and dinner out :) Started off with some protein pancakes.


Just 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/8 tsp baking powder and cinnamon all blended up. I ran out of my usual E.D. Smith sugar-free syrup so I had to mix in a little maple syrup. Phew! It was sweet! As in, way too rich for my tongue. Guess I’m more of a table-syrup gal with my pancakes.

I went for one of my fail-proof pre-workout snacks (mostly because I wanted something chocolatey).


This is definitely a rich flavour and not one I can eat all the time. But good at satisfying a rampant sweet tooth!

I had to change my bike/run brick to Tuesday since I forgot everything was closed for the holiday today. Seeing as the sky is always spitting water these days, not doing it at the gym was not an option. I started with 40 minutes on the spin bike. I was doing my own little spin class with my iPod to keep it challenging. It was actually quite hard to get my heart rate up without an instructor forcing me to do the tough stuff!!

Then I hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes of running. For some reason, I’ve been dreading doing this, but it wasn’t that hard. Granted, I bet it will be a lot harder doing this outside on the hilly routes of my triathlon. But my legs handled it really well, and I wasn’t tired. I think the long bike rides I’ve been doing have helped my legs and heart get used to extended periods of activity.

The stats:

Duration: 1 hour and 14 minutes (includes 4 min cool-down)
Calories: 553
Max HR: 165
Avg HR: 141

I’m a little worried because I haven’t done nearly as many bricks as I should have while training because my hip injury kept me from running outside. But yesterday’s workout at least convinced me the transition from bike to run isn’t going to kill me! :P

Some green recovery was in order:


I liked the texture a lot better with water instead of the almond milk I used last time. It was still a little chalky, although I’m convinced there is a mix that will minimize the chalky texture. Honestly, I think I would rather drink something that is a little chalky than some of the other protein powders out there. Just look at the ingredients:

Yellow pea protein, organic hemp protein, organic sprouted flax seeds, organic brown rice protein, organic green food blend (spirulina, organic wheat grass, organic alfalfa grass, organic barley grass, organic spinach, organic sprouted broccoli, organic kale, organic kelp, organic dulse), inulin (from chicory root), natural flavors, xanthan gum

Definitely don’t feel bad about putting that in my body! :)

Then lunch was the exact opposite of vegan goodness. Ham and eggs on toast.


Don’t be fooled by my nice presentation.

I always pierce my yolks and spread it on my toast.

Chris and I decided on dinner and a movie last night. We started at our favourite restaurant, Isaac’s Way.


I went for the smoked salmon salad. “Hot smoked salmon served on a bed of greens with cucumber, sliced onion, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, toasted walnuts, and a zesty kiwi citrus vinaigrette.” 


My only complaint is the salmon was kind of dry, drier than most smoked salmon, and it was a little weak on veggies. The dressing was amazing though.


Hellloooo bags under my eyes. I was wiped last night. I’ve been rocking the wavy hair lately too. I know better than to fight with the constant mist outside.

Chris, of course, got chicken nachos.


They were good, but mine are better ;)


Hahahaha. The best thing about eating out with Chris is that neither of us are huge talkers when eating. It’s all about the food once those plates arrive.

The salad and nachos had no chance against us…

After this we wandered the mall a bit and I bought legit biking glasses. I’m verrry pleased with the purchase. I’m sure there will me a Myspace picture of me in them in the future :P

Chris wanted to see Transformers 2 and I obliged like a good girlfriend. It was alright. I find action movies are typically boring. The highlight of the movie was eating a peanut butter chocolate PowerBar. Here’s old pictures for some visual aid:


I LOVED this bar the second time around. It reminded me of a denser peanut butter rice crispy square. I was “mmm-ing” the whole time. Luckily, no one could hear me :P I find these PowerBars are pretty filling too. I will definitely be adding these to my regular bar rotation!

I’m super stiff today from my workout yesterday, paired with sitting in an uncomfortable seat for a two and a half hour movie. I’m kind of happy all the gyms are closed. I see some yoga and apartment cleaning in my future…



Oh yeah, and Happy Hump Day! ;)

Down to the wire

Seriously Mother Nature?? Haven’t we been through this???


We’re going on week #2 of straight rain in the forecast. Even worse, it’s going to be crappy on Sunday for my triathlon! How is there even any moisture left in the air? Where is all this freakin’ water coming from!?

I awoke this morning at 7am to the sound of a torrential downpour. Fabulous. I stocked up on waffles over the weekend so I was excited for my new second favourite breakfast (oats are number one, of course).


Two Nature’s Path Flax Plus waffles with almond cashew butter, yogurt, strawberries and grapes. For some reason this didn’t hold me over as well as it usually does. Just one of those days I guess…

Some pre-swim fuel…

005 006

I thought ahead this time and put this one in the fridge. Which made it rock hard. There is just no happy medium! :P


I liked the caramel nut blast flavour a lot more than I was expecting to! Kind of tasted like a Snickers? I’m not sure if that’s a valid comparison, I haven’t had one of those things since Halloween circa 1996. This was the last of the Balance bars Lori sent me. Overall, I really enjoyed them. I would probably buy them as treats if I could get them around here. Thanks again Lori!!

Then it was off to the pool for some “light” swimming. I did 1550m in about 42 minutes. My “main set” was 750m straight laps which I again did in 17 minutes. I wasn’t trying to go any faster this time, really just double checking I could actually swim the whole distance! I’ll have to remind myself to push it a little more on race day, I think I could get closer to 15 minutes if I do.

Lunch was a ham pita because my inner carnivore has apparently beat out the herbivore.


I am enjoying the ham experiment so far, but to be honest, I prefer turkey or chicken pitas.

I ended up having to go into work early tonight, meaning I had to pack supper. Sooooo I made another pita. Don’t judge.


This time it was a falafel and tzatziki pita. This one was amazing. I heated it up a little in the microwave first and it made everything taste ten times better. I think I alone am keeping the pita industry in New Brunswick alive. 

I had a snacky-snack when I got home.


Plain popcorn tossed in a little bit of honey and a whole lotta cinnamon.

With some protein juice to wash it down.


PVL cranberry-raspberry whey cooler. I don’t know why, but I just really like drinking flavoured beverages with popcorn.

So I have the next three days off! Wednesday is a holiday (yay Canada Day!) and I guess my boss decided to sandwich it with two more days off. I have to pay for it later in the month with working almost two weeks straight. But whatever, I’m an “instant gratification” kind of person. I mentioned earlier that I was going home this week, but my mom is going to be out of town. So the plan is to stay in town, get my apartment ready for some eventual showing, look at some other apartments, and get ready for my triathlon this weekend! Here’s the list I’m working with so far:

  • Practice transitions (putting shoes and clothes on, etc)
  • Buy a running hat in case we don’t get rubber caps and my hair looks awful when I take my bike helmet off to run
  • Stock up on coconut water. I’ll be mixing it with real water in my bike bottles, so I can drink it throughout the bike leg
  • Decide on some sort of solid fuel for the bike leg. I’m thinking dates because they’re high sugar/carb and have proven to give me energy.
  • Make sure all the clothes I’m wearing are washed
  • Look into buying those fancy laces that I don’t have to tie for my running shoes
  • Get lots of sleep!!!!

Any experienced racers/triathletes have any extra advice? I’ll probably be doing light workouts until Thursday. I plan on taking Friday and Saturday off. I know some people recommend light activity the day before, but I find I have the most energy when I come back after a full rest day.

Ohman you guys, we’re getting down to the wire here. And yes, I say “we.” Every single person who reads this blog is on this adventure with me!!

Now time to get to that last bullet point and get some sleep. Mother Nature better change her mind by tomorrow if she knows what’s good for her…

Hello!! Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend :) I’ve got lots of pictures today, so I’m going to get right to it!

First, I thought it would be fun to show you where I work! I really enjoyed seeing where Janetha spends her days reading blogs working, so I thought I’d do the same :)

As many of you know, I work at a local private radio station. Well, it’s actually three separate radio stations owned by the same company and housed in the same building. I work in the newsroom, meaning I’m responsible for the short news updates you hear on the radio throughout the day. Throughout the week, I’m usually out reporting and writing the stories that go to air. Every Saturday and Sunday, I go in and actually read the newscasts on-air. That’s why I have to be there so early, because I have to prepare my first newscast for 7am.

Here’s where all that “preparing” happens:


That’s the desk I usually work at when I’m there, it’s a shared desk.

To my left is our fancy filing/archiving system for newspapers.

Even further left is another reporter’s desk and the TV.

The TV is usually on the Weather Network or whatever big sports game is going on. However, it has been known to go to Beverly Hills 90210 on slow afternoons…

To the right of my desk is the worst thing ever to put in an office that’s usually full of sleepy people at 5am.


A futon!!! Ohhh, and it always looks so comfy. People actually sleep on it sometimes. The news people have been known to pull overnighters when something big is happening.

In the back of the room are all the fancy awards we’ve won :)


A lot of them belong to my boss, who does a popular commentary. Everyone I work with is really talented though, I’m lucky to be surrounded by it!

My other “desk” is the booth I record the newscasts in.


I usually keep the blinds closed because I find the things outside to be really distracting when I’m recording!


The script I read off of is on the screen to the left, and the recording program is on the screen to the right. We used to have dinosaur switchboards, but we recently upgraded to get with the times. They’re really not that complicated. The window looks into the control room for the “rock” station. It’s always a fun day when we get musicians in playing and doing interviews :)

So that’s where I spend all my weekends! I don’t spend much time at the office when I’m out reporting throughout the week, maybe half my day or something.

Now, onto the food I ate at said office today.

Chocolate macaroon breakfast cookie.


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate whey powder
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened coconut
  • 1 tbsp almond cashew butter
  • chocolate chips (there was already some in the protein powder – bonus!!)
  • couple splashes unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Muuuuch better without the PB. Shoulda known the AB would taste better with the oats in the cookie ;)

Snack attack…


Yogurty mess with grapes and blueberries.

You’re not going to believe what I had for lunch… HAM!!! It’s been almost a decade since I’ve ingested pig in the form of ham. In fact, it was a ham sandwich that was the “vegetarian tipping point” for me. Talk about a 360!


I dunno, I saw a healthified package of ham slices at the grocery store and thought to myself “I want to eat this.” So I stuck a slice on my breakfast sandwich. It was good! I couldn’t taste it much what with everything else on the sandwich. It really just added a salty, meaty flavour. Poor piggy :(

There was an orange with this too… just so ya know ;)

After work, I managed to squeeze out an hour nap. For once, I woke up feeling refreshed and not groggy! The sun was peeking out a little from behind the dark clouds. So I decided to seize the short stint of nice weather and do a trial run for my triathlon.

I fuelled up with an apple covered in cinnamon and Pbu.


Today was the first day I’ve run outdoors since my 5k in May. I have a sneaking suspicion that part of my hip pain comes from having the incorrect shoes for the way I run outdoors. That’s why I’ve been doing the treadmill lately.

Regardless, I still wanted to see what the course was like. The running leg is three loops on a trail around the lake. The surface is nice and soft, and I can’t complain about the scenery…



That’s the lake I’ll be swimming in! There’s a small beach, but I don’t think that will be our entry point.


I took it slow and really enjoyed myself!! I think I am definitely a trail runner and not a city runner. I like the way paths feel under my feet and all the greenery around me :)

The stats:

Duration: 34 minutes
Distance: 3.25 miles
Max HR: 173
Avg HR: 158

Yeah, I’m sloooow now. But I bet I’m in a lot less pain because of it. I also stopped a couple times to drink from a bottle of water I stashed behind a tree. Based on my heart rate stats, I can tell that I was appropriately pushing myself.

Happy and sweaty :) 020 
And covered in mosquito bites!


If you look hard, you can see a couple mosquitos attacking my leg in the shot. Jerks.

Came home, foam rolled, iced my butt (not really sure how to “ice a hip”) and recovered with some coconut water.


I knew I needed it because I had what I like to call a “running headache.” I felt 10 times better after drinking this stuff. Definitely getting more for race day!

I decided to use up the rest of my Yves meatless beef tenders for supper.


From real pig to fake cow all in one day!! :P I sauteed the tenders with some onions, mushrooms and Diana’s honey garlic sauce. On the side are microwave sweet potato chips. These chips are my new favourite way to get fries without turning the oven on. Yum!

I’m going to finish this loooong post just by letting y’all know my triathlon is in seven days!!!

Goodness gracious. I get butterflies just thinking about it!! My only training goal for the week is to do an indoor bike/run brick. Otherwise, I’m going to keep it pretty light. All my worries about speed are slowly going out the window… I just can’t believe I’m actually going to do it!! Ahhhh!!!

Okay, freakout over. If you could do any race/physical achievement, what would it be?? I think it would be awesome to swim the Northumberland Straight to PEI. I definitely admire the brave people who have achieved the 14km swim!

Ohman, I am tired today!! For some reason, I slept horribly last night. I’ve been trying not to fall asleep all day. Normally, I would just take a nap when I’m this tired, but I have to be in bed by 8:30 tonight in order to get 8 hours sleep. A nap would definitely keep me up all night and make me feel even worse tomorrow!

Started my morning the usual weekend way – eating a breakfast cookie after arriving at the office at 5 am.

I used peanut butter instead of the usual almond butter and it was too rich! Funny, I thought it was going to be awesome with the PB. Ever notice that certain nut butters take better to certain foods? Here’s what I’ve tried so far…

Peanut butter – made for bananas. Honourable mention: apples.

Almond butter – oatmeal. Honourable mention: waffles.

Cashew butter – dates. Honourable mention: oranges.

Hazelnut butter – milk/yogurt. Honourable mention: coconut.

Sunflower seed butter – maple. Honourable mention: hummus.

Pumpkin seed butter – popcorn. Honourable mention: apples.

Anyone else got any fav nut butter-food/flavour combos?


I thought veggies and hummus was an awesome idea for a snack when I was packing it last night.


Notsomuch. I have a hard enough time digesting raw vegetables as is, but it’s even harder to do at 8am. It just did not sit right all. Plus, who wants garlic breath in the morning? Lesson learned.

I at least made my favourite at-work lunch.

Egg & cheese breakfast sandwich. With a little citrus

Check out our awesome new monitor at work!! Pretty sure our old one was the same model my mom had in 1988. Now the pictures on the food blogs are a lot more clear :) Ahem… I mean, the news is more clear.

My fridge seems to be collecting yogurt these days, enter my afternoon snack.


I promise you there is yogurt in there somewhere.

My afternoon was spent doing a little housework, and a lot of catching up on reality television. I’m so behind. I didn’t even know a new Real World started! That’s my favourite reality show of all time, and I am not embarrassed to admit I’ve watched a lot :P

There were a few more snackables throughout the afternoon, but I was really most excited for dinner. I made something I haven’t touched since jumping on the healthy bandwagon.

I always thought falafel had to be deep fried until I saw some people baking it on their blogs. Genius!! Of course you can bake it!!

I’ve tried making it from scratch before, it’s not that hard. But it always comes out too mushy, the boxed stuff is always crispy.

I thought this seemed a little calorie dense for 3-4 puny falafels.

Shock!! Enriched flour!! No worries, I ate it on a whole wheat pita ;)

They baked really well, no need for oil at all!


I stuffed them in a pita with tzatziki, tomato, spinach and sauteed mushrooms, onion and red pepper.

Despite being calorie dense, I found a little goes a long way, so that makes up for it. I still have half the box left. Not sure if I’ll make straight-up falafels with it again. I think it would make a good filler in some other baked patty concoction :)

Dessert was something I wait for all year…

Local strawberries!! Well, local-ish. From Nova Scotia. These are so sweet and soft. Very different from the giant crunchy kind we get from California. These are the strawberries that take me back to eating my mom’s strawberry shortcake at our cottage in NS. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Since this was an early dinner, I just had a protein packed bedtime snack. I took Carly’s suggestion, and added some cottage cheese to my egg white pillow.

1/2 cup egg whites mixed with 1/4 cup cottage cheese, nuked for about 3 minutes. It came out soooo good and melty inside.


This was perfect as is, but I’d love to experiment with some flavours in the future. Thanks for the tip Carly!! 


And now the answers to your burning questions!

Lori asks: Do you have another goal lined up after the triathlon?

I was planning on running a 10k in September, but because of my hip pain, I’m going to play it by ear. I plan on buying new running shoes soon that will hopefully help with the pain outdoor running causes. I looked into bike races, but it seems all the road races happen earlier in the season. I also saw a 3km beach swim that piqued my interest, but was quickly deterred by the thought of jellyfish. I am however 100% starting a new weight lifting program in the fall. My heart belongs in the weight room!

Sophia asks: What type of sandwiches do you like best? In toast? Wraps? Paninis? Pitas? Burgers? Melts?

Ha, funny you should ask, because hands down, sandwiches are my favourite meal ever. So choosing what kind is very painful for me :P I’d say pitas are probably my fav because I can cram more veggies in one than I can a regular sandwich. I actually don’t care for regular tortilla/wraps. I’m not a fan of the chewy denseness. I also spent a summer working in a cafe/deli, where I churned out wraps 8 hours a day to cranky business people. What little love I had for wraps was lost with that job…

Janetha asks: In your opinion, what is the BEST way to spend your money?

This may or may not come as a big surprise to you – but I spend most of my money on food!!! Seriously, I spend probably twice the amount most people living alone do on groceries. I chalk it up to buying quality food, but I also never eat out. A lot of people don’t factor in their lunchtime sub, or appetizers out with friends as “food costs.” All the money I would be spending on those things gets spent at the grocery store. And I eat every last crumb. I never throw anything out. Money well spent in my opinion!


Once again, my early bedtime has approached too soon. Feel free to shoot me some extra questions if you missed out on the last post :)

I’m back!! Got to Saint John at 8 o’clock last night and left at 1:30 this afternoon. It’s only a little over an hour away, and an easy drive in a car that was built during the second Bush administration and not the first :P

Fun fact about the city in which my boyfriend works: it’s a port city and thus always foggy. As soon as I got within 10 minutes of the city, I could see the fog hanging over the horizon. Eventually I was driving in pea soup. Chris and I were planning on going for a run this afternoon, but while it was 20C and sunny in Fredericton where I live, it was 14C and misty in Saint John.


Umm…no thanks. Part of the reason why Chris comes home on his days off!!

Last night, Chris and I went to a place called Boilerworks with some of his coworkers. Since I had eaten dinner, I wasn’t that hungry. I treated myself to a Clancy’s Amber Ale, which is brewed by Moosehead, a Saint John company. I love beer, but I really wish more places had the option of smaller draft sizes. I’d say most draft glasses around here are 18 oz, which is a lot of beer. I’d be happier with half that. Some places will do half pours for you, others just look at you like you’re an alien.

With the giant beer, I had a Caribbean inspired salad. I asked for no meat to keep it light. It was really good, fresh greens, melon and mandarin orange with sliced almonds and a melon vinaigrette. It was the perfect amount of food.

I woke up at 8am, exactly three hours before Chris. In all fairness, he has a crazy work schedule, so he needs to catch up on sleep when he can. His apartment is also basically a place to sleep between 12-hour shifts, so he doesn’t have much food. Enter gas station breakfast:

Lovely photo, no? This orange and dipped double chocolate PowerBar did an impressive job at keeping me satisfied till lunch time. Well done you two!!

For lunch, I requested we go to Mother Nature’s Family Restaurant.

Besides being a restaurant, they also make their own pita bread. The same kind that graces my blog on a daily basis!!! I love their pita bread, so I had to taste what they do with it.

It had a fast-food set-up.


Sorry random Saint Johner’s for putting you on my blog. It’s a public place – fair game!! :P

I ordered the tahini chicken pita.


This was by no means as healthy as the pitas I make at home. Lotsa tahini sauce (which was basically like hummus) and greasy chicken. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t crazy delish!! I also like how they doubled up the pita pockets… interesting technique…

I also picked up some pita chips to bring home.

Very tasty! Just a hint of spice and oil. I’ve already tried one with tzatzki too ;)

I left after this so I could take advantage of the sunny weather at home and go for a bike ride. The pita was really filling, so I only needed a small snack to get ready for my ride.

Red delicious apple (another gas station buy, in dire need of groceries here!!) and 2 tbsp Pbu. Did the math and one tablespoon of my batch is only 48 calories!! Suh-weet!! Perfect texture for dipping too.

I opted for a short and speedy bike ride today. I did 20k (12.75 mi), the length of the bike leg of my triathlon. I did it in 45 minutes! That was my goal! Yay! I averaged 27.8 km/h (17.3 mph). Now if I could just pull that off on race day… (unlikely, it’s a harder course)

I managed to put together a decent dinner considering I have no fresh food.

Tuna salad on an arnold’s sandwich thin and carrots.

Which basically brings us up to speed! I had thought of an awesome question earlier and now I can’t remember it. Which now means you have to ask the questions!! Yup! Fire away. It can be random, serious, something you’ve been burning to ask (“how have you not turned orange yet Susan?”) I’ll answer them tomorrow. Have a great start to your weekend!!


Just a little update to let you know that tonight I will be living, not blogging (Mizfit style). Chris and I’s days off actually coincide this week so I’m heading to St. John to go visit him. You see, I can do this now that I have a reliable new car :)

However, for all you that love the food pictures (really, who doesn’t love food porn?) Here’s how it’s gone down so far…

Breakfast: Oatbran.


  • 1/2 cup Quaker oatbran
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 2 tbsp soy protein powder
  • cinnamon
  • 1 package dried apple crisps
  • two hefty scoops Pbu (anyone have the link to the blog of the genius who created this? I’d love to give them some credit!)

Work food.

A s’mores Luna as a mid-morning snack. Turkey + tzatziki pita and a gala apple for lunch. Then some carrots, red pepper and hummus for my afternoon snack. Everything else went uneaten. Always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared!

I am LOVIN this President’s Choice tzatziki.


I love the ingredients too:

Yogurt (milk ingredients, bacterial culture, modified milk ingredients), sour cream (milk ingredients, bacterial culture, microbial enzymes), cucumber, canola oil, white vinegar, sea salt, garlic purée (contains canola oil, citric acid), modified corn starch, garlic powder, citric acid.

Aaand, it’s only 50 calories for 2 tbsp, better than a lot of hummus brands!

I just finished gobbling this up for supper:


Sol veggie burger with bruschetta and Kraft tex mex cheese. And some spicy sweet potato chips I made in the microwave and maybe put too much cajun spice on.

Since my trip is last minute, I have to ditch my training for today (was going to finally go on that bike ride). But sometimes you just gotta do some l-i-v-i-n! So instead I’ll likely be eating and drinking with Chris’ co-workers tonight. That’s a fair trade, right? :P Chris told me to bring my running gear for tomorrow, so I should get something in then.

Oh, and remember how I said if I could be anywhere, I would choose home? Well, I just so happen to have three days off in a row next week, so I get to go!!! I’m super pumped. I’m going to bring my bike and go out with my dad (also a huge cycling enthusiast). I will be awfully embarrassed if I get whipped by a 55-year-old :P

See ya tomorrow! I’ll be catching up on all your blogs then too :)  

Blogger games

New car highlight of the day: escaping the gross humidity with air conditioning!! The Shadow used to be an inferno on hot days, and now I get to cruise around in a climate controlled haven :)

Janetha tagged me in a fun little blogger thing in which I show where I blog from. I should preface this by saying I am a very messy person. In order to remain honest, I did absolutely no tidying up before taking these pictures!

I blog mostly from my living room couch (like right now!):

Some pillows to prop me up and a blanket to keep me warm. My feet are usually up on the coffee table. On the side table is The Thrive Diet with some post-its on the coffee table to mark all my favourite parts. Also on the side table is some aloe vera gel and solarcaine for my various burns and injuries. Seems like I’m always treating something :P

View from the couch…

I usually have the TV on for background noise. Right now it’s the Iron Chef. That’s my roommate’s Wii, I never play it. It sort of lost its novelty after the first few weeks.

Door to my balcony on the side. This is where I take almost all my pictures because it’s the only source of natural light in the main part of our apartment. This laptop pic was not set up, I thought to take these pictures whilst obsessively checking the weather online! Also on the coffee table is a stick of chapstick. I need one within arm’s reach at all times.

That’s it! Nothing too exciting. None of the furniture is mine, and I’m pretty sure my roommie got it all for free. We live in one of those generic apartment buildings where everything is white and looks the same. I’m hoping my new apartment will be in an actual house.

There’s also a quiz, but I’ll save that for the end, time for some eats!


Didn’t really feel like cooking anything this morning, so I had an egg ‘n cheese sandwich on an arnold’s sandwich thin. Orange and cashew almond butter on the side. 

I was reporting all day at work, which meant packed goodies!

I had the yogurt, cottage cheese, strawberry, blueberry mix as soon as I got to the office (around 10:30am). The pita was the exact same as yesterday, turkey, hummus, tzatziki and a plethora of veggies. That was eaten around 1pm. Then I had the gala apple and cheesestring at 4pm. Work was boring as heck. I spent most of the day waiting for people to return my phone calls.

I know I was all excited about a bike ride yesterday, but I was just not feelin’ it when I got home. Maybe it was the mugginess? But I did get really excited by the idea of putting some good tunes on my iPod and doing a jaunt on the treadmill. Another reason why I suck at training schedules. I almost always get excited about my workouts, so when I don’t, it just sucks the fun out of it. And who wants to use their spare time doing things that aren’t fun?

I had two pieces of wasa fibre rye before heading out. One with crunchy peanut butter and two smooshed dates. The other had chai marmalade.


I ended up having THE sweatiest gym session ever. I ran my first 3 miles since injuring my hip. I know I’m completely screwed for the run part of the tri. I’ve deluded myself into thinking I’ll just be able to magically pull it off on race day. :P After the treadmill, I did some rowing intervals. Loved it! Then a bunch of ab stuff. I love the gym.

Duration: 1 hour and 3 minutes
Calories: 446
Max HR: 162
Avg HR: 136

I almost didn’t want to get back in my immaculate car after because I was so sweaty!

I was however verrrry excited to make myself a recovery drink using some of Vega’s Smoothie Infusion.


Kelly from Sequel Naturals was ohsokind to send me some to try. It’s got amazing nutritional stats:

6g fibre, 14g protein, 2.5g omega 3 and equal sodium/potassium. All from natural plant-based whole foods. Can’t really go wrong with that.

My first thought was that I really like how it comes with a small scoop, and that one portion is two scoops. I frequently throw half scoops of powder into things, and I always have to measure it by eye. This way I just know one small scoop is half a serving :)

I made a pretty simple smoothie. 1 cup vanilla almond milk, 2 scoops smoothie infusion, whack of frozen papaya chunks.

It came out green!


I really liked the taste of it. Almost vanilla-ish. Very neutral. My only complaint is that is was slightly chalky. But I noticed a lot of the recipes for the powder include water or juice and not a thicker liquid like almond milk. I suspect using water next time may get rid of the chalky taste. Oh, and the papaya tastes much better frozen! I’ve been munching on some of it when not adding it to smoothies :)

Once the smoothie settled it was almost 9pm, so I made a simple dinner.

Sol veggie burger with Diana’s honey garlic sauce and a buttercup squash slathered in Pbu (!!!) Yes, I finally made Pbu after drooling over it for so long! My batch was 6 tbsp natural creamy peanut butter and 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I actually added an extra 2 tbsp of PB to thicken it up a bit. It’s crazy delicious. Reminds me a lot of peanut butter pie filling. This was also my first time having nut butter on squash. I wasn’t a fan. Not even nut butter can beat cinnamon and brown sugar as my favourite squash topping :)

Oh yes, and there was dessert…

Blueberries, strawberries and cherries. Finally finished that huge bag of cherries. I think I am all cherried out for the season.

Okay! Quiz time! :D

What are you wearing right now?

Umm…I’m still in my workout clothes. Ribbed tank top and 3/4 length shorts. I’m totally not showering till the morn. A little gross maybe, but I hate showering more than once a day, it dries out my skin h-core.

What’s the last thing you read/are currently reading?

Right now I’m reading The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier. Hopefully I’ll have a review up soon! It’s going slow cause it’s pretty info heavy.

Do you nap a lot?

Only on Sundays. I need it to help recover from my weekend morning shifts.

Who was the last person you hugged?

Chris. But someone brought their basset hound to the office today that got a lot of Susan lovin.’ Basset hounds are my favourite dogs!!

What’s your current obsession/addiction?

Ummm…checking the weather for my triathlon? :P

What’s for dinner?

Too late, it’s in my belly.

What was the last thing you bought?

Coffee!! Sweet sweet nectar of the gods.

What are you listening to right now?

The judges on the Iron Chef.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

The power to create money!

What is your favorite weather and why?

First off, there is a “u” missing in that sentence :P Sunny and 25 C. Although, I really like nights where it’s around freezing and snowing. So peaceful and pretty!

What time do you usually wake up?

7am, like clockwork. Except Saturday and Sundays, I’m up at 4:30am.

What is your most challenging goal right now?

Triathlon in T minus 11 days!!

Favorite pair of shoes that you keep going back to over and over again even though you have a zillion others?

Pair of dark red chuck taylors. So comfy.

Name one thing you can’t live without?

My laptop.

What time is bed time?

Now! Usually I like to be in bed for 11pm, lights out by 12am. That way I’m getting at least 7 hours sleep.

If there was one place you could be right now where would it be?

Home. I miss my parents and pets! It feels like forever since I’ve gone home.

Now I’m tagging 5 more people :)






Seriously, I meant it when I said it was my bedtime. Night night!

The new addition

Blog, meet new car. New car, meet blog :)

I love how you can see my Dodge Shadow in the background in this photo :) Out with the old, in with the new!!

Here she is hanging out in my parking spot…


View from my balcony – making new friends!!

I took her for a drive, but it was raining buckets.


Behind the wheel!!

I took this after parking, safety first folks.

Highlight of having a new fancy vehicle came when I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few essentials (read: yogurt, berries, turkey slices). Not only could I pop the trunk but the trunk door stayed open! Neither of which the Shadow did. Plus, the Shadow had a full-sized tire in the trunk… the new trunk is nice and roomie for lotsa food and a bike!

Looking at this picture, I realize that I forgot to buy coffee at the grocery store. Shoot.

Oh yeah, there was some food and training in my day too! My summery oats for breakfast:016

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp soy protein powder
  • cinnamon
  • strawberries
  • yogurt w/ vanilla and stevia
  • Fibre 1 cereal

I swear there was oatmeal in there somewhere…


Chris overslept and never came to get his cookies! His loss… I ended up bringing them to work to leave for the morning crew tomorrow. Not without snagging a little one for myself ;)


I didn’t end up doing as long as a swim as I’d hoped today. I couldn’t find a parking spot and didn’t feel like walking in the rain. So I just ran a few errands and managed to find one when I went back. But there was only 40 minutes left of the adult lap swim. So I dropped the drills. Yeah yeah, I’m always yapping about how important they are, but I really wanted to work on my speed.

2 x 100m (20s rest)

4 x 50m (15s rest) Fastest time = 1:03
4 x 100m (20s rest) Fastest time = 2:10
2 x 200m (30s rest) Fastest time = 4:20
4 x 50m (15s rest) Fastest time = 1:01

2 x 100m (20s rest)

Duration: 43 minutes
Distance: 1600

Overall, I’m pretty pleased :) It’s hard to do speed workouts when I’m frequently swimming into the kicking feet of the slow person ahead of me, but I do think I am getting faster. I just wish I could find a lane that suits my speed. The “leisure lane” is mostly seniors who swim at a snail’s pace. The “fast lane” is all hardcore swim team people. Then there’s my “medium lane” which is basically for everyone else. On the bright side, I’m at least used to swimming with large groups of people kicking and splashing me, so that part of the tri shouldn’t phase me ;)

Afterwards, I make a monster pita.

It hardly fit on my full-sized plate.

Looking into the eyes of the beast…


  • homemade sunflower hummus
  • tzatziki (awesome addition!!)
  • turkey
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • red/green pepper
  • red onion
  • pea sprouts
  • spinach

So satisfying!!

Then it was more running around, including doing a shoot for the cable news show I used to host. They needed someone for this week and I obliged. It was kind of fun to be back at it! Still don’t miss doing it twice a week it though.

Supper was another one of my pan creations where I throw a bunch of veggies and a protein source in a pan and hope for the best.


  • Yves meatless beef strips
  • 1/2 cup Eden organic refried black beans
  • red/green pepper
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • spinach
  • jalapeño
  • garlic
  • last of the homemade salsa
  • Kraft Tex Mex

The texture was kinda mushy, but the taste was pretty darn good.


Of course, melted cheese can make anything taste awesome :)

In other news, the weather forecast has changed a million times, and right now looks good for a bike ride tomorrow :D Perhaps Mother Nature heard my cries. Now I’m off to bed for a little blog reading. See y’all tomorrow! ;)

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